Catholic Easter basket ideas

Catholic Easter basket ideas

Catholic Easter basket ideas

If you’re like me, you want to create a Catholic Easter basket with items reflecting the real reason for Easter - the sacrifice Our Lord made for us. Of course, you can still add candy and small toys. But being intentional about the Christ-centered items was important to me when making baskets for my children.


God Gave us Easter

To share the story of Easter, I first wanted get a book to read to my children. I chose God Gave us Easter. It's a cute book about a bear family with an inquisitive child.

The father explains to the child how and why Jesus came to save us. He uses real world examples to show God's plan for his children. It's an fairly quick read and the concepts are easy for children to understand. You can find this book here:

God gave us Easter book


Christ-centered stickers


Catholic Easter basket


From my own shop, I added stickers that center on Jesus and His sacrifice. For my son's basket, I wanted a lamb theme and my Agnus Redemit Oves sticker was a perfect addition. This is a Latin phrase meaning, "The Lamb redeemed the sheep". This sticker can be found here:




I also used a Chi-Rho sticker, which fit perfectly inside a large egg. This sticker has the Jesus Prayer in Latin around the Chi-Rho symbol. You can find this sticker here:



In addition to the sticker, I also added a lamb themed chocolate bar and mini bubbles, both of which I found at Target. 


Catholic Easter basket


 For my daughter's basket, I used a Sacred Heart of Jesus theme. First, I added my Sacred Hearts washi tape. You can find these in my Etsy shop here:


Sacred Heart of Jesus washi tape


I used two different stickers for her basket. The first is my Jesus I Trust In You sticker, and the second has a crown of thorns and a Sacred Heart. You can find both stickers here:


Jesus I trust in You sticker


Have you found any other Catholic items for your baskets?

Leave a comment and let us know! I hope you have a Blessed Easter!



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Cross-shaped chocolate:

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